Charlie #2 IF050-22

Rescued14 Nov, 2022
Date of Birth*01 Jan, 2013
Adoption Fee$99.00
*Most dates of birth are estimates

Physical Description

Charlie’s coat is a mixture of white, mocha and brown colour. She is a long-haired cat with striking amber eyes. Charlie has a little grey goatie under her chin.

Known History & Temperament

Charlie was rescued from the pound because she was surrendered by her original owner.

Charlie is a relaxed cat who has a long experience of living indoors in a domestic setting. She is playful with ribbons and moving objectives, so even at 9 years old she is still kittenish. She enjoys being brushed and having her stomach stroked. Charlie enjoys having human company.

Cattitude Level

  • Totally chill, not bovvered

Interests and Hobbies

Charlie’s favourite thing is sitting and lolling on the couch; however, she is not a lap cat yet. For fun she likes to roll on her back and show her stomach, find new hiding places, and play with ribbons.


Charlie can be picked up, but dislikes being held for too long. Probably Charlie would prefer the company of adults as she is a quiet, unobtrusive cat.

Purrfect Home

Charlie would be suited to a full-time worker as she likes to lay about on the couch and rug sleeping most of the day. However, she does enjoy having human company. She likes being patted and stroked, but when she has had enough Charlie is likely to nip. Charlie might like to share with another cat but only if their temperament was the same as hers.

Health Notes

Charlie appears to be a happy and healthy girl.