Charles IF034-23

Rescued03 May, 2023
Date of Birth*08 Feb, 2023
Adoption Fee$250.00
*Most dates of birth are estimates

Physical Description

Charles is a domestic short haired black kitten with a little bit white under his chin.

Known History & Temperament

Not knowing a lot about Charles prior coming to IFR, what we do know is that he was found abandoned, having been left to his own devices. But Charles is so affectionate and loving. He will need time to adapt to a new home. Whatever had happened to him prior coming into care has made him very fearful of people in general. He shakes in fear. His carer thought it was a human male thing but no it’s people in general. He will need lots of patience and time.

Cattitude Level

  • Chill with a hint of crazy!
  • Affectionate as heck – prefers cuddles to anything else
  • Shy, gentle, tentative

Interests and Hobbies

Charles loves his food. Loves to play. His carer can hear running around in him room. But his most favourite thing is his carer picking him up and he lies on her shoulder and he gives smoochies. He has only been in care for nearly 5 weeks.


Dislike other people. At first his carer thought it was a male thing but no it’s people in general.

Purrfect Home

Charles would be suited to a particular home and family that has a lot of patience and time to coax him out of his fear of people. Children that are about 10 years up that will love him and give lots of cuddles and reassurance that he is safe and loved.

Health Notes

Charles is in perfect health.