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Two juveniles needing foster care

These two young kitties are in need of foster care. They are a little skittish, but you can see they’re able to be handled. They wandered onto a family’s property and IFR was asked to help with them. Please contact us if you can foster. Also, if you recognise this pair, please let us know.


As we’ve mentioned before, we don’t usually have “forever fosters”, because we can’t afford to support foster cats endlessly when they are healthy and purrfectly adoptable. But Wilma is one case where being a forever foster is the best option for her. Wilma’s age is recorded at just over 13 years, but we actually think …


This little guy first arrived in our care at the age of around 5 months, in 2017. He was originally trapped at a car wrecking yard approximately one year ago. We eventually found out that he has a diaphragmatic hernia which most likely resulted from some sort of trauma prior to rescue. This condition means …