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Mickey IF081-15

ID IF081-15 Rescued 28 Mar, 2015 Date of Birth* 13 Feb, 2015 Sex Female Colour Grey and White Status Available Nicknames Mickey Mickster *Most dates of birth are estimates

Dexter IF008-22

ID IF008-22 Rescued 14 Jan, 2022 Date of Birth* 15 Mar, 2021 Sex Male Colour Ginger and White Status Available Nicknames Dex, Dexy, Dextrose *Most dates of birth are estimates

Nellie (Penelope)

Penelope was nicknamed ‘Eyebrows’ when first in the pound, due to her unique facial markings. She arrived in foster care about to pop, and soon gave birth to five beautiful babies. The babies all found homes quickly, and it was Penelope’s turn next. From Penelope’s adopter: My old cat died of old age in October …


Dante was a beautiful black boy who came to the rescue as an ex-abused cat. He had been kicked around and used as a “play thing” for his former family’s dog. You could tell that he didn’t trust, and biting was a way of defending himself. He was also desperate about food, biting and scratching …

Billie Vanilli

Billie Vanilli was in foster care since April 27th, 2018, across two foster homes. Her progress has been slow. Although she is now adopted by her second foster carer, she has still never been properly patted!