Brett Whitey IF028-24

Rescued24 May, 2024
Date of Birth*24 May, 2019
Most dates of birth are estimates

Physical Description

Brett Whitey (Luka) is an all-white domestic short-hair. He has a thick coat and is a solid boy.

Known History & Temperament

Brett Whitey has no defined history other being found in a carrier left at a vet. Then he was taken to the local animal management centre. He was very scared in that environment, and was at risk of being euthanised. He is now safe and being cared for. Brett unfortunately had a mouth full of rotten teeth which have now been removed, which would have added to his pound misery. He is most definitely a happier boy and has healed really well post-surgery. He is desperate to get out in the house but due to a stressed resident cat he can’t come out of his room. Brett can be shy but once he comes out of that shyness he will be wanting all the pats he can get. Brett is a gorgeous-looking boy with a temperament to match.

Cattitude Level

  • Totally chill, not bovvered
  • Chill with a hint of crazy!
  • Loves snuggle time, but also ‘alone’ time
  • Shy, gentle, tentative

Interests and Hobbies

Most definitely loves his food. Wants to play but not quite sure yet.


He does not like being separated from the rest of the house. Very social boy.

Purrfect Home

The ideal home for Brett would be a home where he can have full access. He would need time to adjust to new surroundings but he is so adaptable that he would settle within days. Brett would have to be kept inside due to his pale skin which puts him at serious risk of skin cancer. But if there is a cat run with shady spots for him to lounge in that would fantastic for him. He could live with another cat and maybe a cat friendly dog with the right, slow introduction for a successful adoption. Brett’s carer thinks he would like to be around some children (8 years+) that will love him and play with him. Brett will love his people as long as they love him.

Health Notes

Brett did have a lot of rotten teeth that have been removed, and he has healed really well. He needs to eat from raised bowls so he doesn’t bring up his food. He has his own raised bowls for wet food and biscuits.