Boots IF015-24

Rescued17 Feb, 2024
Date of Birth*23 Dec, 2023
ColourTabby and White
Adoption Fee$250.00
*Most dates of birth are estimates

Physical Description

Boots is a tabby cat with white chest and white paws. He’s small for his age and has a beautiful little face.

Known History & Temperament

Boots is quiet and loves to play. He’s not over keen on being picked up and does go straight and then will try to get away. His foster Mum says she’s got a couple of war wounds nothing bad.

Cattitude Level

  • Scared and shy – prefers cats to people

Interests and Hobbies

Loves playing with his foster friends Tom & Jerry. Boots loves biscuits, wet food and treats. Enjoys chasing balls and other various toys. He’s got a very cute little meow when he wants your attention and playing.


Being picked up when he wants to play.

Purrfect Home

Maybe not suited to a young family (Not been with young kids). He can nip when picked up. Boots would be ok with teenagers & adults, as long as he has space to play with lots of toys and scratching posts. He’s not fazed by his foster family’s dogs or the other cats, so a home with other pets would be fine with two weeks slow introduction.

Health Notes

Healthy kitten from all appearances.