Billie Vanilli

Billie Vanilli was in foster care since April 27th, 2018, across two foster homes. Her progress has been slow. Although she is now adopted by her second foster carer, she has still never been properly patted! The most her adopter can hope for is a brush of the fur with fingertips as Billie darts by!

Here is a little timeline detailing Billie’s early days, from the pound to the present!

PHASE 1 (2018)

  • April 11: Impounded
  • April 27: Rescued!
  • April 28: Vet check, then off to foster care (woohoo!) in Wanneroo
  • May 4: First decent photo since rescue, from her carer

PHASE 2 (2018-2019)

  • August 12: Moved to second (& current) foster home … described as a “little lunging spitfire” (eek!)
  • August 21: Messes up her crate with water and kitty litter, so gets her freedom – time to roam! (Well, hide …). Laundry occupation begins
  • August 23: Moves from laundry to garage. More space! More darkness! More hiding spots (phew!)
  • August 30: Discovered in IKEA trolley.
  • Sept 2: Still the IKEA trolley
  • Sept 22: Discovered under the couch cover!
  • Sept 30: NOTED: An increase in doorway lurking.
  • Oct 6: Still no human contact, very little nearness to humans in general.
  • Nov 30: She’s venturing out more, spotted in hallways & doorways. Corresponding increase in hissing/spitting. Carer baffled by cat psychology.
  • Dec 2: Out in the living room more, therefore skedaddling lots more! Many reasons to run when you put yourself out there
  • Dec 11: Doorway lurker
  • Dec 19: More doorway
  • Dec 30: NOTED: mournful night time meowing … seeking friends from afar?
  • Jan 13: Billie eats wormer and flea treatment tablets straight from the biccie bowl. Shy cat cheat level unlocked!
  • Jan 22: Still hissin’. Yeah, she’s still got it.
  • Jan 29: Less hissing, more wariness.
  • Feb 19: Spending much more time out with the gang … but still runs away when her carer moves.
  • Feb 20: SPOTTED – Billie & Whisper playing on the cat tower! BV getting biffed by tiny white cat companion.
  • Mar 25: She’s officially eating with the gang! Carer’s strategy is to give BV her meal lucky last, then sneak off so as not to be too scary.
  • April 12: NOTED: Weird bunny hop running style.
  • April 18: Sniffing fingers! (Yaaas!) Tiny event, huge progress.
  • August 3: Carer got to pat her VERY quickly before she fled! (more like a brief brush of fingers against fur)
  • August 13-15: Billie brushes against carer at food time! Her choice to make body contact!

PHASE 3 (2020-2023)

  • Dec 2, 2023: Billie has not made much progress in the last few years, and there are no expectations from her carer (now adopter!). Billie enjoys her little life, doing her own thing, growling with surprising vehemence at other cats that dare to get in her face at the wrong moment, then brushing up against them in the next breath. She is a character and a big personality for such a tiny girl. She enjoys her routine, which revolves around snoozing in the sun out in the cat enclosure, eating food at meal times, and avoiding the human’s touch where possible.
  • … to be continued …