Betty #2 IF022-24

Rescued23 Apr, 2024
Date of Birth*01 Apr, 2022
Adoption Fee$190.00
*Most dates of birth are estimates

Physical Description

Betty is a stunning black cat with flecks of grey along her lower spine, fluffy round paws, brown mane. She is TINY and so light to pick up.

Known History & Temperament

Betty was surrendered to the pound by her previous owners with no explanation. She is so affectionate, wants to be spooned or to sleep on your chest while you read or watch TV.
She has a funny way of using her litter tray, keeping both front paws on the floor outside with her back legs in the tray.

Cattitude Level

  • Chill with a hint of crazy!
  • Affectionate as heck – prefers cuddles to anything else
  • Crazy and entertaining – a laugh a minute!

Interests and Hobbies

Loves her food and will announce her mealtimes. She loves to climb so cat towers and enrichment is a must or you can expect that she will likely take her frustration out elsewhere! She loves watching cat TV on YouTube and exploring the house, finding all the best places to nap.
She is super chatty and does the funniest little mlems with her tongue. She loves chasing balls and playing with ribbons and string.


Other cats in her space, when you stop petting her, when her bowl is empty. Wand toys seem to scare her a bit.

Purrfect Home

Betty should go to a home with ideally no other pets, she is untested with dogs. GREAT with people and cat savvy children. She is very social and wants to be with humans, not a cat you can leave alone all day and night but full time workers are definitely ok.

Health Notes

No health concerns at all.