Arthur #2 IF053-22

Rescued22 Nov, 2022
Date of Birth*23 Nov, 2017
StatusRainbow Bridge
*Most dates of birth are estimates

Physical Description

Arthur was a medium / long-haired tabby male cat who arrived in the pound emaciated and with horribly matted fur. He had a shave now and loved being able to move freely afterward. He struggled to eat, and it was found he needed a dental. Once he had had it he was a lot happier.

Known History & Temperament

Arthur was a lovely, affectionate boy, but early on he occasionally didn’t like to be touched. We thought this could be because of the extreme pain his mouth was causing him. He was on strong pain meds while waiting for his dental but was a lot happier after it was done.

Cattitude Level

  • TBA

Interests and Hobbies

Arthur loved to shadow his person, getting snuggles. He enjoyed food time.


Arthur was a perfect house guest once his veterinary needs were taken care of.

Purrfect Home

Arthur sadly was never adopted, but the foster home he spent his last few months in was one where he knew love and TLC. He was a very content kitty once his pain was alleviated.

Health Notes

After Arthur had a blood test that came back with nothing concerning, we thought that he was in good health other than his terrible teeth and emaciated state. Unfortunately in mid-January, he took a sudden turn, struggling to breathe and off his food. He was taken to the vet and it was found that his lungs were filling with fluid. One of them had already collapsed. We sadly had to make the call to cease Arthur’s suffering, as even with treatment his short-term prognosis wasn’t good. Arthur is now out of pain across the rainbow bridge.