Arthur – welcome

ARTHUR #2 – welcome

Say hello to Arthur 🙂

We collected him last week from the pound in an appalling state of neglect. His matts were solid and probably very painful. Under those matts were embedded grass seeds, and once he was shaved it was evident how painfully thin he was. Thankfully in the week since his rescue, he has put on a bit of weight and we have high hopes for his future.

He is an incredibly sweet boy who purred his way through his first vet appointment, and he was very brave being shorn without sedation (in his condition it was far too risky to sedate him).

His blood results were okay, but it was immediately obvious he would need a dental procedure – quite extensive too. He finds it painful to eat, and he is on good pain meds (plus antibiotics) to help him eat so he can put weight on and be dental-ready!

We’re all very hopeful that it will be onwards and upwards for Arthur from now on.