Angus #2 – update

ANGUS – undomesticated but getting there

We’re pretty sure we haven’t introduced you to Angus yet. He was trapped a few months ago by a volunteer trying to trap stray kittens, and came into foster care with IFR.

If you look through the photos to the end ones, you will see earlier photos of him that show him looking not too happy at having been trapped and moved indoors.

His foster carer (the same person who trapped him) has been doing a great job with him. She’s also received invaluable advice from the wonderful Yvette from Street Cat Appeal Narrogin SCAN whose expertise in domesticating scaredy cats is well known in WA.

The latest update from Angus’s carer included these photos that show off his magnificent stripes. She said: “Angus update: still incredibly skittish but has come so far.”

We love Angus, even if he’s a little way off loving all of us!