Angel – an update

🤍 ANGEL #3 🤍 – update

Since our last post about Angel, seeking foster care, she has moved to a new foster home where she is doing very well!

Her foster carer, as a first-time “cat haver”, has been a little concerned about Angel’s mild agitation after the move. But we who are more familiar with moving cats into new homes know that Angel is doing very well, fast adapting to her new environment even without her mum and brother.

To us, Angel looks like a pretty happy kitty, and we feel it will only get better from here.

There’s also a chance that Angel may have also found her “forever” home, but we will see how it all goes for her in her new home. Paws are crossed for a happy outcome for everyone!

Thank you to everyone who puts their hand up to foster, or who adopts rescue kitties. You are doing a great thing!