Aelin (Mistique)

Aelin (then known as Mistique) arrived in the pound at just a year old, with three young kittens. After she raised her babies to an adoption-ready age, it was her turn to find a forever family.

From Aelin’s adopter:

“I found Aelin (formerly known as Mistique) when I chose to check out Cat Haven with my dad. When I noticed her, I instantly fell in love with her big eyes and gorgeous fluffy black coat!

“She was a bit timid at first, and very easily spooked by anyone who was not family, but she’s grown so much in her personality – and physically! She’s a bit loony and always running around like a crazy cat, but she’s my crazy cat and I love her for it.

“She’s made me so happy and she’s definitely my fur best friend. Whenever I’m home she pretty much spends all her time with me.

“She’s got a few nicknames, but Spooky is my favourite for her.

“All my friends when they see her make it their mission to point out how short her legs are. I just say they have freakishly tall cats!”