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  • Nellie (Penelope)

    Nellie (Penelope)

    Penelope was nicknamed ‘Eyebrows’ when first in the pound, due to her unique facial markings. She arrived in foster care about to pop, and soon gave birth to five beautiful babies. The babies all found homes quickly, and it was Penelope’s turn next. From Penelope’s adopter: My old cat died of old age in October…


  • Dante


    Dante was a beautiful black boy who came to the rescue as an ex-abused cat. He had been kicked around and used as a “play thing” for his former family’s dog. You could tell that he didn’t trust, and biting was a way of defending himself. He was also desperate about food, biting and scratching…


  • Billie Vanilli

    Billie Vanilli

    Billie Vanilli was in foster care since April 27th, 2018, across two foster homes. Her progress has been slow. Although she is now adopted by her second foster carer, she has still never been properly patted!


  • Cinnamon & Kitty Girl – adopted

    Cinnamon & Kitty Girl – adopted

    We are so excited to report that these two girls, Cinnamon and Kitty Girl, are finally in their forever homes. (It was a foster “fail” too, a.k.a. a big win for these gals!) Kitty G was rescued all the way back in 2015 (March 21 to be exact), while Cinnamon came to us more recently,…


  • Clary – a story

    Clary – a story

    Words from Clary’s adopter: We adopted Clary in 2020 after I fell in love with her despite her spicy side. She was a foster at the cattery I work at and had been waiting a long time with a few failed adoption trials. She was said to be too rough with children and didn’t like…


  • Button


    In the words of Button’s adopter: “Adopted 14th June 2019. Button was very stressed on the day I picked her up from her foster home, she didn’t stop crying until about 20mins into the drive home and spent her first night behind some books on a shelf. But I was very surprised at how quickly…


  • Smudge #1

    Smudge #1

    Words from Smudge’s adopter: In 2013, I lost my beautiful 3 legged baby Snowbell to cancer. She was my soul kitty and so young at only 8 years old. This devastated the entire family. It devastated me especially as Snowbell would sleep in my arms every night, Summer or winter. In 2015 whilst scrolling through…


  • Peppi


    From Peppi’s adopter: I had taken my older girl to Warwick vets where I had got talking to this lovely lady Caroline with a crate full of kittens. I took a peek into this crate and there was Peppi at the back sleeping on his back, paws in the air and tongue out. I told…


  • Cindy


    Words fom Cindy’s adopter: Hi, We have three male cats at home, who are all very loving and playful. I’m cat obsessed, as our cats have really comforted our family through some difficult times, and I really wanted to adopt a female cat. It’s easy to get a cute adorable kitten, but who takes the…


  • Pumbaa (Fluffy)

    Pumbaa (Fluffy)

    Words from Pumbaa’s adopter: We recently adopted Pumbaa (formerly Fluffy) after fostering him, his 2 Brothers and Sister. Meeko wasn’t doing too well being an only cat, and to keep him happy so we could continue fostering, we decided we would adopt one of the kittens we were currently fostering. Fluffy was a shy little…