Abigail IF039-22

Rescued14 Sep, 2022
Date of Birth*01 Jan, 2022
ColourGrey and White
NicknamesAbby, Wahhhhbigail
*Most dates of birth are estimates

Physical Description

Abigail is a petite grey and white lady, with short fur.

Known History & Temperament

Is your home lacking in Opinions? Do you wish you had a small friend that followed you around all day and narrated your actions via a series of increasingly judgey meows?

Abigail is a friendly and chatty smoocher who just wants to soak up as much attention as possible. She was taken into foster care while pregnant, and has delivered and raised five healthy (and adorable) babies. Now her babies are grown, and she’s ready for everything to be all about her, just as she likes it.

Cattitude Level

  • Totally chill, not bovvered
  • Chill with a hint of crazy!
  • Affectionate as heck – prefers cuddles to anything else

Interests and Hobbies

She’s very talkative. It feels like she has an opinion on most things, and will tell you all about them. If you want to win her favour immediately, food is the way to do it. She’s never met a cat treat she didn’t like, and she loves fishy stuff.


Abigail got off to a rough start with the existing cats in her current foster home, although they have come to an agreement now. While this was at least partially due to protectiveness over her babies, Abigail seems far more fond of human attention than curling up with another cat friend.

Purrfect Home

She loves attention, almost violently so, and won’t hesitate to demand pats if she’s feeling under appreciated. She loves laps, and any snoozes that come along with them. Abigail has no problem being slung around or carried like a baby, as long as she’s getting affection. As such, she’d probably do alright in a home with children.

Health Notes

Abigail is a healthy young lady who is pending her vet work. When that’s done, she’ll be ready for her forever home!