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Marbles IF022-20

ID IF022-20 Rescued 05 Jun, 2020 Date of Birth* 05 Jun, 2019 Sex Male Colour Tabby Status Social Rehab Nicknames Marbsy, Marbs, Generic Tabby, Tabbo, Tabbster *Most dates of birth are estimates

Tux and Misha – foster care needed

🧡 FOSTER CARE NEEDED 🧡 While we do already have other cats we’ve been trying to move to new foster homes for a while, we still need to contend with new cats coming into the pound as well. These two lovelies are in there at present and need foster care. The little tuxedo guy is …

Mickey IF081-15

ID IF081-15 Rescued 28 Mar, 2015 Date of Birth* 13 Feb, 2015 Sex Female Colour Grey and White Status Available Nicknames Mickey Mickster *Most dates of birth are estimates