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Inky IF020-20

ID IF020-20 Rescued 03 May, 2020 Date of Birth* 03 May, 2019 Sex Female Colour Black Status Available Nicknames Missy *Most dates of birth are estimates

Dexter IF008-22

ID IF008-22 Rescued 14 Jan, 2022 Date of Birth* 15 Mar, 2021 Sex Male Colour Ginger and White Status Available Nicknames Dex, Dexy, Dextrose *Most dates of birth are estimates

Angus – welcome

This magnificent beastie was trapped the other week by one of our foster carers who works in an industrial area in Perth. He started out very “angy” indeed but is coming along well thanks to the efforts of his foster carer. We love the boofy street cats around here, and can’t wait to see how …

Mira IF004-21

ID IF004-21 Rescued DD MMM, YYYY Date of Birth* 30 Mar, 2022 Sex Female Colour Tortoiseshell Status Available *Most dates of birth are estimates

Two juveniles needing foster care

These two young kitties are in need of foster care. They are a little skittish, but you can see they’re able to be handled. They wandered onto a family’s property and IFR was asked to help with them. Please contact us if you can foster. Also, if you recognise this pair, please let us know.

Sandy #2 – welcome

This sweetheart is 10-year-old Sandy and sadly her owner can’t take her back. She was already sterilised and chipped when she arrived in the pound, and is just getting over a bout of cat flu. We got her straight to Challenger Vet and she was tended to there overnight, before going into emergency care the …

Jaffa IF027-21

ID IF027-21 Rescued 10 Aug, 2021 Date of Birth* 5 May, 2011 Sex Female Colour Ginger and White Status Available Nicknames JaffJaff, Duchess *Most dates of birth are estimates